Highlights in Annecy and its region selected by Cozyfrance

On the Culture side:


In Annecy, the old district has been a place of exchange and trade since Middle-Ages. People from the mountains and campaigns around were coming there to sell their products. Nowadays in France and in Haute-Savoie, many markets traditionally take place for our great pleasure. It really belongs to the french culture!

Your Cozyfrance guide may accompany you to better benefit from the atmosphere of the market and the “old town”.

Tuesdays and Fridays : markets for food. Sundays : markets for food, fashion or arts and crafts.


On the Sports and Leisure side:


Escape Game « La Clef des Champs »:

La Clef des Champs, Annecy’s reference Escape Game, offers you an exceptional, innovative and entertaining experience that encourages team bonding.

In your Annecy basin Escape Game, each of you will get to test your logic skills and capacity to communicate and cope with time pressure. You will need to search the room, find the clues, solve the puzzles, open the padlocks, and find a way to escape… or not.

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Little stories between us about the beauty of Annecy and its surroundings:

« The first rumbles came from the English gentlemen who went off to explore the Chamonix Valley at the end of the eighteenth century. While they were crossing over the Annecy site they went into ecstasies in front of such magnificence. For Annecy is first and foremost a unique place, idyllic indeed with its river (le Thiou), its crystalline lake, its mountains (Aravis and Bauges), its forests and its old town, miraculously protected from war and human beings.

I like to mention this anecdote digged from the painter André-Charles Coppier’s story (1867-1948): «I was wandering along the lac de Garde when a young Englishman came to me and told me: «There is only one lake, the lake of Annecy!».

Indeed over the years many artists have praised the wonderful spectacle of the Sunset on the savoyard shores: Cézanne, William Turner, Paul Signac, John Ruskin, Eugène Sue -banned by Louis-Napoléon Bonaparte, he will go into exile in 1851 and will get passionate with La Tournette in his novel La Marquise Cornélia Alfi– and of course Jean-Jacques Rousseau le Genevois ».

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